I moved to Hong Kong in 2012. My first trip to Asia. On this small island, there are bright lights and busy streets, beautiful beaches, ferry rides and junk boats, wet markets and night markets, and buildings that soar into the sky. I was fascinated by the fusion of faces, places, cultures and identities. I spent a year working 6 days a week. Sunday was my only full day off -my weekend- so I spent Sundays doing special things – taking trips, discovering more about the city and myself, and sometimes just catching up on sleep!


A year later, I embarked on a different challenge – moving to Edinburgh and transitioning from being a teacher to a student. I worked and studied part-time, and often found myself working on the shop floor on Sundays.



This year, I’m in Bangkok and I’m recapturing Sundays. I’m exploring a new city, finding things to do on Sundays and keeping hold on that Sunday feeling all week long.

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  1. Hi ya Billie; Donal here – your dad just told me about your Blog although I already knew about your job in Hong Kong. It looks like your having a terrific time and your reports are really excellent – looks like a career in journalism or as novelist beckons……and what a great title for a book “Spending Sundays” would be. We are living in Wiltshire now and Ken should be paying a visit here (maybe) next weekend on his travels. All the best B. D

  2. Just stumbled across your blog – love your idea to write about your Sundays! I’ve been here only 20 months and so much in love with Hong Kong, hope you’ll enjoy it too. Ruth

  3. Hi Billie! I’m a bit late in discovering your blog (argh, you’ve almost left Hong Kong! Where are you going next?) but it’s beautiful… inspiring and interesting. I’ve been to Hong Kong (stayed on Kowloon island) but only had four days to explore everywhere. It was also exceedingly hot and exhausting. I can’t cope with humid climates, ick! Anyway, I’m looking forward to exploring your archives. Thanks for visiting me so that I had a chance to find you! xx

    1. Thanks Laura! I love your blog. I can’t wait to get back to the UK so I can bake the banana, coconut and rum cake. I don’t have an oven in HK, otherwise I’d have made it straight away! The humidity doesn’t get any easier or more bearable, but beach days help. I’ll probably miss the heat in spite of the humidity after a few days of British summer!

      1. Aw, no oven! I don’t think I’d be able to cope without an oven (though baking in humidity is horrible, so I can understand not having one in HK!). Yes, British summer is a little… uh, cool! My Dad lives in London and he said it’s been rather sunny but in the low 20’s. Better than winter temperatures I guess!

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